Chara owner of Love My Character

I'm Chara and I am the owner and founder of Love My Character. Thank you for visiting my online boutique.

What is Love My Character?

Love My Character is not just a name or a brand, it's a declaration. It's a proud and bold statement that I wholeheartedly believe in. Through the creativity of unique custom accessories, I encourage every woman to embrace and show her personal shine. 

I believe that outward style is an expression of inward character. This is why I am passionate about offering individualized handmade and curated pieces, with you in mind. When you find pieces that show the things you love about you, “(I) Love My Character!” shines through. 

When you shine, it makes the world a brighter place. Love My Character is a business that promotes the beauty, wholeness and promotion of women! We participate in several charitable practices including but not limited to: women’s and children shelters, community giveaways, outreach to young women and teens.

It is not only my desire that you find items that show the world who you are, but that it inspires you to feel confident and brave when you set out to make your mark on the world. Style yourself, express yourself, love yourself and let your character shine!